Mijn naam is Jonas, ik ben sinds mijn 12de actief als DJ.
In de loop der jaren heb ik op uiteenlopende evenementen gestaan en de nodige ervaring opgedaan. Ik houd ervan om mijn kennis te delen met anderen.

Mijn doel: zorgen dat je jouw droom om DJ te worden waar kan maken!  


Jonasty is an up-and-coming Belgian DJ (°1998) who started his career back in 2013. His style can best be described as Freestyle, an energetic combination of Retro, Tek/Jump, Trap and Hardstyle smoothly mixed together. Listening to one of his sets is like going on a musical journey between the bangers from the past and the freshest new tracks in the scene.
Anyone can feel how he really loses himself in the music, how he absolutely loves what he's doing and that he really wants to share his passion with other people. On stage he's certainly not afraid to take the mic and interact with the crowd to take his performance to the next level!

Enkele referenties:
BeachParty Bocholt, Meifeesten, N8VD6DES, Footworkz Freestyle Edition w/ Akyra, PoefTentParty,...